Preparing for Your TAC Conference Session

Information for Presenters & Moderators

Types of Conference Sessions

These describe the typical roll-out for a 90-minute session of each type.

Presentation Sessions

Include multiple 25-minute slots for individual presentations.

  • Start at the scheduled time
  • 5-minute moderator welcome/housekeeping/overview
  • 25-minute1 presentations (includes speaker introductions, presentations, and audience questions)
  • 5-minute moderator wrap-up and closing remarks

Panel Discussions

The format will vary depending on the organizers’ wishes. They may involve short panelist presentations, a facilitated discussion among panelists, and/or audience questions.

  • Start at the scheduled time
  • 5-minute moderator welcome/housekeeping/overview
  • 10- to 20-minute presentations (includes panelist introductions, presentations, brief questions)2
  • 20- to 50-minute moderated discussion (moderator typically prepares questions in advance)2
  • 5-minute moderator wrap-up and closing remarks


The format is decided by the organizers; usually, the presenter(s) are invited, and breakout discussions and/or group exercises are held.

  • Start at the scheduled time
  • 5-minute moderator welcome/housekeeping/overview
  • Presentation(s) followed by full group and/or break-out discussions, depending on format
  • 5-minute moderator wrap-up and closing remarks

1. The time for audience questions will depend on the time taken by presentations (e.g., a 15-minute presentation leaves 10 minutes for questions; a 20-minute presentation leaves 5 minutes for questions).

2. Examples only; the moderator will provide specific directions.

Session Roles

Presenters and moderators are asked to arrive at least 20 minutes (volunteers 30 minutes) before the official start time to:

  • Introduce themselves to each other, welcome attendees
  • Familiarize themselves with the room set-up and technology (see below under Presenting at the Conference)
  • Confirm slide deck presentations are uploaded to the laptop in the session room


Someone presenting in a session or participating in a panel discussion or workshop who:

  • prepares, saves, and provides their final presentation materials to TAC (see list below)
  • presents at the conference in person
  • respects the presentation time allotment
  • responds to/participates in Q&A/discussion from audience/moderator
  • ensures their presenter profile in the Conference App is complete


A TAC committee member who:

  • provides a welcome, housekeeping, and introduction to the session and each presenter
  • acknowledges and thanks any session sponsor
  • helps presenters stay on time
  • facilitates the Q&A/exchanges during a panel discussion
  • ensures all Q&A is captured using a microphone
  • ensures that workshop break-out discussions begin and end on time
  • provides summary observations and closing remarks and thank all participants


An employee of a conference host organization who:

  • welcomes session participants and attendees
  • helps the moderator begin and end the session on time
  • provides general support in all aspects of a session
  • takes session attendance
  • ensures all Q&A is captured using a microphone
  • records the number of audience members at the session

Final Presentation Materials (due September 12)

Final presentation materials MUST be submitted via TAC’s submission portal.

1. Slide deck

  • Save the deck as a PowerPoint presentation (.pptx). (DO NOT submit as a PDF file)
  • Submit the final slide deck using TAC’s file naming convention: Session code_presenter last name+first initial_presentation title_version#.pptx

Note: TAC will pre-load slide decks on laptops in the session rooms. Presenters should bring a backup copy of their final slide deck to their session using a USB memory stick.

2. Paper (for authors who have a paper accepted for publication)

  • Save paper as a PDF file (.pdf).
  • Submit the final paper using TAC’s file naming convention: Session code_Presenter last name+first initial_paper title_version#.pdf

Note: Papers are published on TAC’s website after the conference.

3. Sample/seed questions

  • Save 2-3 sample questions as a Word (.docx) file for the moderator’s consideration.
  • Submit sample questions using TAC’s file naming convention: Session code_Presenter last name+first initial_sample-questions.docx

Note: Sample questions are only for presentation sessions and are provided to the moderator.

Preparing Your Presentation

  • Present the material as it was proposed in your submission.
  • Ensure your ideas are organized logically, and your main points are clear.
  • Effective presentations typically have about one slide per minute, with one main idea per slide.
  • Rehearse your presentation; if it runs longer than the time allowed, eliminate the least essential material and rehearse again. (NB: Inexperienced presenters usually take longer than planned.)
  • Use the microphone and speak toward the audience, projecting your voice as if you are talking in a mid-sized conference room.
  • Be considerate of other presenters and the audience by staying within your allotted time. A floor monitor in front of the podium will give speakers a short advance warning and a final “time’s up” notification.

On-site Information

Registration and Badge Pick-up

All individuals involved in conference sessions MUST register for the conference by June 27. You will not appear in the online conference program until you register, and you may be removed from the program if you are not registered by this date. Learn more about registration details and fees. To pick up your badge, visit the registration desk in Exhibit Hall B. Desk hours will be posted in the Conference App.

Presentation Schedule

If you are accepted and invited to present at the conference, your scheduled presentation date and time will be announced by late July. The Technical Program provides the schedule of sessions.

Room Set-up and Technology

Session rooms will be set up as follows:

  • Podium with microphone*
  • Screen, projector and laptop
  • Presentation remote clicker (slide advancer)
  • Floor monitor with a timer (to keep presenters on time)
  • Audience floor microphone for questions
  • Head table for panelists with tabletop microphones* (panel discussions only)
  • Round tables and flipcharts for break-out discussions (workshops only)

* Presenters MUST remain at the podium or the head table when presenting to capture their voice from the microphone(s).

Presentations must run from the laptop provided in the session room. Slides, presentations, and questions are recorded in presentation sessions and panel discussions (workshops are not recorded).

Presenter Lounge/Ready Room

A dedicated lounge/ready room for presenters and moderators will be available during the conference, enabling them to meet prior to their session. It will offer light refreshments, and a computer and printer will be available for last-minute printing of notes.

Location:           Vancouver Convention Centre (East Building) | Room TBD

Date & time:      Monday & Tuesday: 8:00-17:00  |  Wednesday: 8:00-15:00

Presenter Profile (Conference App)

Presenters will have a profile in the Conference App starting in August. They can add or update their profiles, including their bio and photo. Slide handouts or other materials can be uploaded to their profiles. You MUST register to have access to your profile.


Presenter withdrawals should be requested in writing to


Christina Ghazal, Program Officer
613-736-1350 x236