It's Easy Being "Green"

The TAC Conference & Exhibition makes every effort to be “Green,” and we encourage our delegates to do their part.

Here's what we're doing:

Planning TACCONF

to minimize negative environmental impacts by conserving and reusing resources, reducing and recycling waste, and reducing and offsetting carbon emissions.

Purchasing credits

to offset attendee emissions

The following statements reflect the environmentally friendly approaches to planning and executing the 2024 TAC Conference & Exhibition.

Communication & Registration

Electronic/digital formats are preferred and will be used as much as possible.

When print material or signage is needed, it will be produced on recycled paper or lower-impact material (cardboard instead of plastic) and then recycled or reused (e.g., lanyards, and badges).

Conference-branded promotional giveaways (e.g. bags, folders, bottles) are no longer produced.


Exhibitors are asked to minimize what they ship to the event to reduce emissions and packaging, review their on-site practices to minimize waste and encourage reusable packaging of display and collateral materials.

Food & Beverage

Food selections consider sustainability, emphasizing local, organic, and vegetarian options; food waste will be composted.

Delegates are encouraged to bring their refillable water bottle, and filling stations will be available.

Re-usable or compostable glassware and dishware will be utilized.



Surplus food, materials, or products will be donated locally or recycled.


Transportation & Reducing Emissions

Conference hotels, sessions, events, and meetings are located within walking distance of each other.

Attendees traveling to other parts of the city are encouraged to use active transportation, mass transit, or shuttles.

TAC will ship as little as possible. When printed material is required, efforts will be made to print these locally for the event.

TAC will budget to purchase carbon offsets for the event. This cost is covered, in part, thanks to the support of TAC's sponsors.



The Vancouver Convention Centre is proud to be the world’s first double LEED Platinum certified convention centre! Learn more!

How can you do your part?

Download the mobile app when it becomes available.

Bring your reusable water bottle.

Use local transit, walk or bike.

Make use of onsite recycling.

Help reduce waste by only taking what you will use or consume (such as food, drink, and giveaways).

We encourage you to save your lanyard for next year’s event. Your badge can be recycled in a designated recycle bin at the venue. You may also leave these at the registration/info desk before you depart, and we’ll ensure that they get recycled.

Small actions, big impact!